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Youth Advocate,
Future of Business

Fateh Arif Karimli is an American-Azeri driven, enthusiastic Grade 9 student attending Baku International School. Coming from a large family and the oldest of four siblings, he is passionate towards solving difficult Math and Science problems at school, and zealous about honing business skills and advancing his sport interests outside and inside of school. His areas in global affairs lie in the issues of green energy, food security, healthcare and cybersecurity, and he aims to launch an initiative addressing how youth can better work together to combat corruption and deliver cleaner energy and food systems. 


Growing up, the way his father inspired him to pursue business is through the early exposure he got from him at an early age. For instance, his father used to take him to his workplace and some meetings to learn and experience how it is actually like to be a businessman. Moreover, his father’s mentorship had a big impact on why he wants to become a business later in the future. He gave me advice on how to decide properly and in a clever way. Lastly, his father’s encouragement towards him is helping him to continue his path on business because he believed that he actually had potential according to his actions.


Currently in school, his favorite subjects currently are Algebra, Literature, and Physical Science. Apart from his academic undertakings within school, he is taking an AP course this year which is AP Human Geography (HUG). Fateh is quite sportive, spending his time across kickboxing, soccer, basketball, skiing and cycling, and he is the leader of a 20 person strong (aged 11 to 15) Baku City Villas Fc Soccer Team which offer thrilling matches and overall football excitement. Furthermore, he is a team captain for the Hoop Azerbaijan initiative, where youth are encouraged to gather their crew and hit the court for some intense 3v3 action, an ultimate showdown where every possession counts towards achieving environmental impact through waste collection. 


Looking ahead, Fateh aims to create his own legacy in the exciting work of business and entrepreneurship, and achieve both professional and personal success. He wants to become someone who has both the will and the resources for his family and friends to count on, and contribute to delivering positive impact on areas such as conscious consumption, cybersecurity and inclusive healthcare. 

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