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Youth Advocate,
Future of Business

Sofya Borisenko is a well-rounded student who enjoys learning about politics and business. She is also a huge fan of sports, and her favorite ones are show jumping and boxing.

The most significant lesson she learnt was to never give up as it gave her an opportunity to achieve her goals. She learnt this lesson when she went to the HSE Lyceum. In her previous school the program was very easy. However, after she joined the lyceum, it became much harder to study, particularly in subjects such as chemistry, and as such, she had to adjust to the changes to keep studying.  

Currently in high school, Sofya is currently studying mathematics and economics, which are both essential subjects to building a strong foundation for a potential career in business and entrepreneurship. She’s doing research on the Watergate scandal for her final school project. Outside of school, she is frequently taking part in show jumping competitions, and she is also taking boxing classes. Moreover, she graduated from alpine skiing school. In her spare time, Sofya enjoys reading about politics and criminal psychology, because she finds these two areas crucial to her ability to create widespread influence and change. 

Looking in the future, Sofyaintends to pursue an interdisciplinary education as she believes that in order to create a positive impact, she has to be intellectually curious and connected to more than one discipline of study. She aspires to create her own venture one day and lead a team of like-minded individuals to pursue a common goal.

Sofya Borisenko: Team Members
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