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Future of Computing,
Youth Advocate

Aidana Ualikhan is a very passionate girl eager to learn more about computer systems and algorithms. Overcoming obstacles in her path, this ambitious girl is ready to excel in her future endeavors of becoming a computer scientist as well as a social innovator. 

Aidana spent most of her childhood with her grandma, who was an experienced doctor. Despite her old age and physical disabilities, Grandma always motivated Aidana to study science and technology. She used to say, "A failure is not always a mistake" – This taught Aidana to believe in herself and stand up again and again, even if it seems pointless.

Even though she started her programming journey only in 2021, she has already shown stellar progress. Participating not only in competitive programming competitions, such as EGOI, Aidana also took part in multiple coding and business hackathons, winning national and international competitions. Already achieved LEVEL 1 in Korean proficiency, Aidana wants to continue her Korean language study.

In the future, Aidana aims to complete her bachelor's in Computer Science or Data science at Cornell University or another world class university. Her life ambition is to help humanity solve complex tasks using her acquired knowledge in computer science and social innovation, such as those in the areas of climate change, gender equality, corruption and mental health.

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