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Tyme Sudtikitpisan views financial literacy as a compass through rocky water. Without it, a sailor can drift through the sea without a clear path and is vulnerable to all storms and currents. However, with it, it allows them to navigate their ways through life using currents and storms to propel them towards their goals.


A catalyst in Tyme’s path that ignited his passion for finance started when his dad told him stories about the Tom Yum kKng financial crisis of 1997 and how my dad’s disbelief in financial leverage and consumer debt allowed him to escape the wrath of economic turmoil. This story allowed him to reflect back towards the many families in Thailand that did not have the same financial knowledge that his father had, which stripped them of the financial security that everyone deserves. This lesson bestowed by his dad fueled his passion to educate the Thai community to stay financially literate. 


To further financial literacy in his home country, he initiated a series of projects to create an encompassing strategy in this area. He founded Investolab, an investment education platform with 250,000 Baht of assets under management, high level stock analysis, budgeting and investing tools and lessons from himself and high level corporate personnel to educate his viewers about the intricacies of investing. He also founded Budget Buddy, a social media education platform with 15,000+ viewers about financial literacy covering topics like book recaps, Q&A sessions, budgeting advice and more. Lastly, he founded the financial literacy club at NIST, where the team analyzes business plans for small business and fosters financial literacy at NIST by running workshops with NIST students, teachers and Thai staff. Working together, these three projects continually enrich Tyme with issue-based research, real world experience and practical applications.  


Looking ahead, Tyme wishes to maximize the impact of his various endeavors in order to attend a world class university and obtain a degree in business or finance. After that, he aims to pursue his dreams in investment banking, consulting and entrepreneurship.

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