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Generation-Z has learned to count on themselves to drive systems change in Environmental, Social and Governance issues.

At the same time, super-majority of middle and high schools around the world do not offer either learning or experience based education on ESG issues.

The ESG School, founded by a global consortium of youth, aim to open-source and democratize opportunities in this important area of collective action.

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Our Framework towards Realizing ESG Impact

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Sustainability is activated with an ecosystem’s value system and a principles-based approach to doing business. From the youth perspective, this means operating in ways that meet fundamental responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, and deliver long-term sustainable returns.

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Identification of ESG best practices is necessary to broaden the ecosystem's perspective on how to capture and create value through sustainability. Based on a global youth survey by ESG School, the future of ESG must be designed to represent and integrate necessary and practical intersectionalities to realize synergistic growth.

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Alignment of needs and resources to meet with them are key to keep ESG practive a commercially viable practice. This requires origination of not only vested interests for relevant stakeholders, with youth playng an increasingly important role, but also of new research and ideas to more efficiently, accurately and practically deliver ESG-oriented outcomes.

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Opportunities for youth to engage in a meaningful manner, starting with education at the core, is fundamental to systems-level change. The current generation of youth are passionate to unleash their potential, irrespective of their career paths, to develop and fulfill enhanced capabilities of a full ESG framework towards cross-industry adaptation.

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Representation of both intergenerational and intercultural voices, according to the ESG School community, is key to nurture ongoing adaptation of ESG methodology through future generations. This requires to approach ESG through an introspective lens of empathy, putting humankind at the center of the blueprint of sustainable development.

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Youth is the future, now and not later. For this generation, interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships with people and planet are inseparable. To bolster integration of ESG practices in their future endeavors, youth must be invited to the decision making table and deepen their connection with the subject matter and build vested interests. Facilitating this implementation is the mission of the ESG School.

Teenagers can take a bottoms-up approach to tackling ESG matters, infusing school curriculum content with real world applications and outcomes. This is why I co-founded ESG School!

Klaus Schwab
Chairperson | World Economic Forum

Post pandemic, it has never felt so real, that the actions of 2.0 billion youth can have massive influence on shaping our own future. ESG is a framework which guides us to take the planet back!

Audrey Azoulay
Director-General | UNESCO

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