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Youth Advocate,
Future of Sustainability

Kanari Noguchi, an ambitious 18-year-old student from Tokyo, Japan, whose passion centers around sustainable business models. She is determined and has firmly set her sights on gaining understanding on environmental issues and crafting business frameworks that effectively address their pressing challenges. 

In Kanari’s first year of middle school, she struggled to choose an afternoon activity from various options. Uninterested in any of them, she reluctantly joined the volleyball team alongside her best friends. She felt like an obligation rather than a source of personal growth or bonding. Despite pleading with her mom for permission to quit, her efforts proved useless, leaving her no choice but to persist. Surprisingly, the third year brought a positive change as her teammates grew closer, showing care and dedication to practice. They took responsibility for each other’s roles, and through this experience, she learned the importance of dedication, consistency, and the long-term rewards they bring, realizing the true meaning of her mom’s words: “Consistency is the key to success.” 

Currently, Kanari is developing a website to raise awareness about the environmental crisis and highlight global approaches and systems that provide a better understanding of nature’s current state and global actions. She is also in the process of creating and selling children’s books on deforestation, aiming to educate young kids about the current forest situation. 

Additionally, Kanari has been interning at luxury brands to gain insight into company operations, including event planning, product development, and client interaction. She is eager to learn about sustainable business models applied in the read world and collaborate with like-minded peers to tackle these challenges effectively. She is excited to learn the business plan that will accomplish long term achievements as well as developing a sustainable model that will come into great effect in the future.

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