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Youth Advocate,
Future of Economics

Bill Cui is a hardworking and kind student who loves the world of economics and real estate. While a hard worker in school, Bill is also a three-sport athlete, participating in varsity football, baseball, and junior varsity basketball. Outside of school, Bill enjoys helping others by going on numerous service trips worldwide, a few being China, Thailand and Costa Rica. 


Growing up, Bill has always been adventurous and athletic, and sometimes it does land him in situations where he may not have envisioned. When he was younger, he recalls a time when he was on a service trip where all his peers were invited to an arts and crafts shop, and was explicitly told not to purchase items which may go against the values of his school. Bill decided to explore the “gray area” of logic and purchased an exquisite action figure with a toy gun - thinking it will not land him in trouble. Instead of being open about it and seeking permission, he spent days trying to hide it just in case it did cause issues, which in the end, trouble ensued. He has since learned that it is better to be honest and upfront, and be confident and proactive in defending his logic rather than play hide-and-seek. Another moment is related to his choosing to prioritize his academics over tennis, something which he found very enjoyable yet consumed many hours of his time being part of a very competitive team. Later on, he scrolled through social media and saw his old teammates being offered college scholarships and sponsorships and felt a pang of regret. Going forward, he decided to give himself more time and space to think and reflect, and he has learned to conduct more holistic assessments of pros and cons before making decisions.  


Bill believes that part of the joy of being young is to explore as many things as possible to identify his true areas of interest. Academic wise, he engages in a broad spectrum of courses, including advanced algebra, Spanish, chemistry honors, AP world history, AP macro and micro economics, anatomy, literature and studio art. In terms of extracurriculars, he serves on the student council, engages with the Business club, Robotics club, Varsity Baseball, Varsity football, Model UN as well as boys leadership club which helps better support each other on gender-specific issues. He also truly values his real world experiences traveling to many countries for his service trips and finds them rewarding. 


When asked about his future, he has various concrete ambitions he wishes to realize. In addition to gaining a creditable education for better targeted recruitment by top firms, he understands his need to be constantly inspired by his peers as a way of self-motivation. As such, he would like to build his own network of like-minded and intellectually curious individuals, both young and older, so that he can be “in the know” when it comes to future opportunities. He foresees himself working towards a path combining economics and real estate, perhaps co-designing the future of smart and sustainable cities, and leaving a strong legacy for future generations.

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