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Future of Influence,
Youth Advocate

Based in Hong Kong, Tony (JX) Chow was surrounded by many international students and families. This allowed Tony to develop a deep appreciation for different cultures and diversity. 


Growing up, Tony's transition from a local educational system to an international one taught him the value of adaptability and open-mindedness. However, his biggest mistake was initially trying to outperform his peers in every aspect, which led to unnecessary stress. Upon realizing everyone has their own area of strength, Tony learned to compete against himself and self-improvement. This experience taught him a lifelong lesson about the importance of self-awareness and life-long learning.


In 2023, along with a few friends from his school, Tony won the prestigious "Fastest Car" award at the F1 in Schools World Finals in Singapore, which is truly one highlight of his entire life so far.


Currently, Tony is the videographer officer of his school. Other than his passion for videography, Tony is also the founder of Celer News, a personal initiative aimed at providing students with relevant information locally and internationally. Furthermore, Tony is actively engaged in various different competitions locally and internationally, including F1 in schools, Wharton Investments Competition, Blockchain Olympiad and more. 


Tony plans on studying business in the US for an undergraduate degree. He aspires to work in a consulting firm and work with different businesses around the world.

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