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Youth Advocate,
Future of Economics

Victoria Oradauskas is a dynamic and enthusiastic individual, deeply interested in leadership and public speaking. She also has a growing fascination with various areas of business. Additionally, she finds psychology intriguing and enjoys making connections with others through networking. 

Growing up, Victoria spent ample time seeking knowledge and discovering her interests online, drawing inspiration from stories and TED Talks & YouTube. She found inspirations in entrepreneurs, desiring her own business; kids making videos, sparking her interest in content creation; young adults investing in crypto, furling her financial curiosity; and compelling public speakers, motivating her to improve her oratory skills. Despite doubters, Victoria uncovered the interconnectedness of her passions, solidifying her ambition to become a great leader who fosters growth, development, and action on seemingly unattainable goals. 

In recent years, Victoria has passionately pursued her varied interests and left a lasting impact in many areas. She is set to become the President of her school's health council, showcasing her strong leadership potential. Her outstanding dancing skills have earned her prestigious awards, like the Elite Platinum and Spirit awards in the renowned Taoli Word Dance Competition, along with substantial prizes from other contests. She also excels in education and public speaking, winning the top spot in the prestigious ACPN Life Cycle Speech competition. Victoria's talent for journalism has allowed her to connect with influential figures in the health industry and Members of Parliament, resulting in her work being recognized and published. Committed to youth development, she serves as the Vice President of CCBAG (NPO), guiding and mentoring hundreds of young children while organizing impactful charity events. Additionally, she takes on the role of President of TCCCYLA, exemplifying her dedication to community leadership. Victoria's journey reflects the brilliance of an exceptional individual, whose positive influence and inspiration resonate throughout various spheres.

Victoria's vision revolves around thriving in the dynamic world of business while creating a secure and nurturing environment for children's education and growth. Recognizing that attending a prestigious university is a crucial stepping stone, providing her with invaluable networking opportunities and insights from exceptional global leaders.

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