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Youth Advocate,
Future of Economics

Nandini Kumar is a curious and versatile storyteller, with passions for economics, sports, coding, and music. She strongly advocates for gender equality and women’s economic empowerment, recognising their crucial role in creating a more harmonious world. Nandini’s ultimate goal is to use her knowledge and experiences to empower women globally, helping them to achieve financial independence. 

Raised as a plump girl, Nandini discovered tennis at the age of nine, initially as a leisure activity. However, her exceptional performance in practice sessions propelled her towards a professional tennis career. The invaluable lessons she learnt from tennis surpass those that any classroom could offer. It bestowed upon her the ability to embrace self-assurance, self-belief, and fearless articulation of her perspectives. Tennis remains the cornerstone of Nandini’s identity today. Her passionate desire is to empower individuals worldwide by fostering self-belief, confidence and equitable opportunities. Nandini firmly believes that these qualities enable people to embrace their authentic selves in their unique manner. 

Nandini’s passion for economics is evident through her research paper on “Contribution of Indian Women to the National GDP,” which gained recognition in the school newspaper, “OIS Weekly.” She further nurtures her interest by founding MacroMavericks, an Economics club at her school. In addition to her academic pursuits, Nandini hones her musical skills as she prepares for the Grady 6 Trinity Practical exam in piano. Her talent has been showcased in various events, including a well-attended recital at her school. Nandini shares her experiences and reflections through her blog, aiming to guide readers in their personal growth and learning from her own mistakes. As an avid debater, she values diverse opinions and has achieved notable success in competitions like Glendale Debate and Mind Wars. Nandini has also delivered a TED-Ed speech on the transformative power of tennis, a sport that remains the central to her identity. Beyond her achievements, she contributes to her community by teaching math and science to young girls at an orphanage, fostering their independence and resilience. 

Nandini’s aspiration is to pursue a major in Economics at a prestigious university in the US, leveraging her learnings to make a positive impact on the world. Nandini envisions herself as an economist, utilizing her knowledge and experiences to create a better world for people.

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