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Youth Advocate,
Future of Consulting

Aituar Amanov is a highly ambitious student with a strong desire to become a successful businessman and make a positive impact on the world through his innovative ideas. 

In his childhood, Aituar arrogance led him to believe he excelled at everything and blamed others for his failures. However, his perspective changed after placing third in his first karate match, teaching him the value of hard work & resilience. Aituar realized success does not come easily, it requires determination and hardwork. Determined to overcome this setback, Aituar dedicated himself to karate training and eventually becoming a 2-time gold medalist in the sport. This achievement solidified his belief in the power of persistence and diligence in reaching his goals. 

Aituar is a motivated student with a strong interest in finance, actively participating in AP macroeconomics, the Wharton High School Investment Competition, and SMG games. He aspires to work in a top consulting company and has recently achieved internships at both KPMG & Deloitte. Aituar is dedicated to helping others, volunteering with the PLANE organization M Line Company. He excels in sports like boxing and basketball, and enjoys reading philosophical books by authors like Kant, Nietzsche and Sun Tzu. Aituar’s ultimate goal is to contribute to the world’s development and improvement. 

In the near future Aituar aspires to work at McKinsey as a consultant and eventually establish his own consulting company, dedicated to guiding and supporting businesses in Kazakhstan.

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