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Youth Advocate,
Future of Social Health

Chantal Ting’s curious, open-minded and empathetic personality drives her to embrace challenges. She is interested in business, economics, and psychology and wishes to further develop in those areas. With great perseverance and ambition, she has taken on various leadership roles in her community and aspires to become someone who can create a positive impact and inspire others to follow suit.

In the early years of her secondary education, she witnessed the pandemic’s impact on the world, leading her to reconsider how people approached and understood mental health previously. In her experience, the negative impacts of the pandemic have led to heightened social tensions and strained interpersonal relationships, which led her to develop greater curiosity in psychology. Those few years also revealed the vulnerabilities of the world economy and exposed risks that businesses did not foresee or prepare for in the past. Learning more about these major societal issues through the lenses of the pandemic inspired her to consider pursuing a career that lies at the intersection of psychology and economics. She hopes to deepen her understanding of how society functions and the value of human connection and global cooperation in the future.

In terms of academics, Chantal intends to use an interdisciplinary approach to her studies in the IB programme, focusing on economics, psychology and biology. Outside of the classroom, she volunteers in community services, such as weekly language lessons and workshops for migrant workers in Hong Kong to empower them and facilitate their integration into the local community.

Moreover, she actively participates in various business competitions, exploring strategies for business development with a sustainability angle. Through those experiences, she has been offered internship opportunities where she gained deeper insights into different business functions. In her free time, Chantal enjoys using dance as an outlet for self-expression. 

Looking ahead, Chantal aims to integrate her passions in business and the sciences to realise her ambitions in helping to elevate the issues revolving around inequality and mental healthcare.

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