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Kris Lu is a person driven by efficiency, though he can also be a master procrastinator as a result. He believes in building oneself and to be always striving to be better as means to achieving one’s aspirations in life. To accomplish this, Kris seeks an interdisciplinary approach to integrating the fundamentals of business and economics, particularly in social economics, and design the development of future cities which are sustainable and equitable. He is the Founder of DebtWise with the mission of tackling underlying factors which limit youth in becoming fiscally responsible citizens.


Growing up, Kris’s parents, as any other Asian parents, were firm believers in hard work and discipline, insisting Kris practice the piano everyday. Although a great skill to have, Kris later realized the true purpose was to teach him the importance of discipline to instill habits and consistency, which in combination with smart and hard work, ultimately leads one to realize their goals. A principal Kris lives by is the famous saying by Julius Caesar “divide at impera” or “divide and conquer” teaching him that anything can be done with a clear head and a steady stride.


At school, Kris is currently interested in English, commerce and sciences, which is reflective of his wide-ranging areas of interest. He is involved in the Headmasters International Committee helping new international students adjust to life in New Zealand. Outside of school, he is a competitive Jujutsu athlete and enjoys spearfishing in his free time. Kris practices the piano and has earnt his ABRSM Diploma 1 and now plays for fun during his free time. 


In his future, he would like to pursue an engaging career while also being able to help those in need. His areas of interest are economic (debt crisis), social (mental health) and technological (cybersecurity and disinformation), and he will leverage them towards creating new models of urban development.

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