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Gregorio Nazzi is a 16 year old junior from Italy currently residing in Barcelona, who aims to drive intergenerational impact through a combination of mathematics and environmental business studies. As co-founder of Parlocontigo and a young advocate in economics, Greg seeks to innovate on an interdisciplinary framework integrating ESG and econometrics to deepen his impact on communities and drive systems change towards collective and inclusive prosperity.  

At the age of 5 Gregorio left his birth country, Italy to move to Serbia. By the age of 10 Gregorio had lived in four different countries. Now at the age of 16 he has lived in six different countries, all with different languages, cultures and traditions. This has taught Gregorio to adapt, remain flexible towards change and never shy away from a challenge. 

Gregorio is currently transitioning into the CEO role of Parlocontigo, a multi purpose organization with 20 partnering organizations and more than 20 international volunteers from over 10 nationalities. Parlocontigo fuels two purposes: to help small businesses become more sustainable and environmentally aware, and to connect international students, giving them volunteering opportunities while also helping those in need. He is also a PLANE Uganda volunteer who aims to educate those who are less fortunate. Gregorio has chosen to help his direct school community by co-founding a tutoring organization called YouTutor. He has also been involved in many clubs in school, holding executive positions such as Math Club President, Investment Club and NHS Secretary. Gregorio has also published a 3000+ word paper on how Chinese companies can successfully integrate into international markets, exploring his passion for the ever-changing Chinese market. Furthermore he supplemented his passion by assessing whether Sarecycline, a pharmaceutical product, should be released in China throughout a 3 week internship at Almirall Incorporated. 

Gregorio hopes to attend a prestigious university focusing on econometrics and using the vast university resources to further research on ESG policies on a company's ecological footprint. His commitment to this field originates from his self-study in AP Calculus AB, which sparked his interest in applying mathematical principles to the realm of economics. Moreover he is excited by the prospect of sharing a stimulating academic environment with other equally minded bright individuals and forming a network of ambitious peers. 

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