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Youth Advocate,
Future of Sustainability

William Liu is a violinist, pianist, and tennis player who is also passionate about nature, especially how environmental factors can cause social injustices.

Growing up, William’s most important lesson learned in his childhood was to never let his emotions get the better of him, a lesson taught to him over many years by his tennis coach when he was just in elementary school. This is meaningful to him because still he strives to be the best person he can no matter the circumstances.

Currently in high school, though there is no set leader, William is a big part of the jazz group that he plays in and takes some leadership roles in certain decisions. He is a co-head of the Homelessness Outreach Program at GDS and they will be partnering with some organizations to make change in the area. His accomplishments include a) Violin: ABRSM - Up to G8, part of American Youth Philharmonic Orchestra (5 years), Chinese music organization (teacher + student) concert, b) Piano: ABRSM - Up to G8, 15+ recitals and c) Tennis: Tennis Clinics, GDS Varsity Team since freshman year

Looking ahead, the main objective of attending university for William is to learn the best he can and get the best opportunities he can. William’s objectives for his future career are to be successful and make as big an impact as possible through research and development, with a focus on the environment space, and to love what he does. His main goal for life is ultimately to live a happy life and make change in the world.

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