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Youth Advocate,
Future of Ecopreneurship

Guanxi Jordan Wang is from the Experimental High School attached To Beijing Normal University and is currently a rising junior. He is a big advocate in integrating business and environmental studies to address complex issues of the environment and humans’ interaction with it

Having traveled around many countries in the world since childhood, he has seen all kinds of people, making him accustomed to jumping out of fixed thinking, actively exploring, and generating new ideas. These personal experiences have given him many characteristics. In terms of personal interests, he loves basketball, ice hockey, tennis, and other ball games, which makes him full of passion in life and study; At the same time, he also loved playing the piano and had a level of 8 of ABRSM in primary school, which made him calm and emotional when dealing with people and all sorts of things. In terms of ability, his most outstanding characteristics are leadership and speaking ability. 

In his first year of high school, he was successfully elected as the head of the publicity department of the student union of his school, organized many online and offline activities, and now has plans to build the school products into a brand to achieve various purposes and values. He has carried out professional speech training since childhood and has achieved excellent results in many national speech competitions. 

At present, he has plans to hold TEDx. From him, his peers can see the wisdom of businessmen, the affection of artists, the rigorous thinking of politicians, and the creative thinking of inventors. Although he is a high school student, he has already met many people working in different fields and learned from them. These characteristics and personal experiences prompted him to have a deeper understanding of himself and society, and he also hoped that he could brainstorm with more excellent people. With respect to ESG, he is very interested in this area because he believes that sustainable development forms the foundation for individuals, enterprises, governments, and countries to engage collectively towards shared prosperity. Topics like carbon emissions and clean energy have been discussed for years, and he is actively learning about relevant content, hoping to convey his passion for environmental protection and sustainable development to a wider and more intergenerational audience.

His current plan for his future is to be a social entrepreneur. He focuses on environmental change, educational development, new technologies, and some political issues. He hopes to help people in need in society through his efforts. He likes Benjamin Franklin's words very much: In fact, there are few personal needs for people to live for a lifetime: More is to give and create. He wants to emit more light to warm and illuminate more people!

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