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Youth Advocate,
Future of Investment

Maya Angelou once said, “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. Jonathan Rim is an optimistic, loyal, and hardworking individual that values his family and friends above all else. Some of his main passions include music, writing, and public speaking. 

As long as he could remember, every day, Jonathan and his mom would always have small conversations about things such as how their day went. Although the action itself may seem small, he always found that the main impact was in the consistency. There were always good days, bad days, and sometimes even just days, but no matter what, he could always count on that special time with his mom. It has taught Jonathan an important lesson. In life, palpable trinkets will eventually get lost or broken, while people will eventually leave and forget, but not family. Family is forever, and he’s learned that no matter what, they will always be by his side. 

As a sophomore attending St. Andrew’s College, Jonathan strongly enjoys his business, French, and music classes, while in terms of extracurriculars, he plays on the First Fencing team and holds a position on a wellness council focused on mental health. This year he has also started participating in the Debate club, which he wishes to continue, and also hopes to start branching out to others, such as Model UN and DECA. 

In the future, Jonathan hopes to study business at Wharton in order to help him become a successful businessman. In his life, he wants to make sure he leaves a positive impact on the world that he can be proud of.

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