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Volunteer and Member,
Heartbeat Vietnam

As much as she exudes a carefree attitude with those around her, Quynh Nhu (Jessica) Lam shows no doubt in her ambitious pursuit of a career in business and finance. With this career direction, she aims to realize real-world impact in the areas of financial management and entrepreneurship.

Like every other curious child, Jessica always took an interest in the most trivial things. Hence, she did not truly understand where her interest lied until the opening of her mother’s travel agency in 2019. Watching her and her only colleague build a company from 0 with a constrained budget, and never giving up even when confronted with the most tricky monetary affairs had ignited a desire in Jessica to venture into the finance field, where she could learn about the very core of every business, as well as how to take advantage of opportunities and support the creation of new jobs for others in a meaningful and sustainable way.

In terms of academics, Jessica is currently in the Debate Club at her school and had won 3rd place at their Fall Invitational Tournament a few months back. She is also a part of Crimson’s Finance and Investing Club, in which weekly discussions related to finance, investing and worldwide market news occur. Coming to other extracurriculars, she is a volunteer and member of Heartbeat Vietnam, a charity organization that funds operations for children with heart diseases and had raised over 10 million VND profit in the last 2 quarters; and Tri-M Music Honor Society, in which students are able to showcase their musical passion and talent. When she is not preoccupied with schoolwork, Jessica spends her free time swimming, singing, playing the piano and growing her own fashion platform on Pinterest. She is also a passionate advocate of feminism and women rights.

To Jessica, the most important objective of studying at a great university is to obtain a professional education background that will allow her to reach her maximum potential in her future career, as well as make meaningful impacts on society. Therefore, she wants to enter the industry of financial management to ensure companies can make use of their opportunities, maximize profit and increase their overall value. From such a success, a certain percentage of profit can then be donated to charities for women’s rights and empowerment to help make a change in the 21st century, where all individuals deserve equality both in their workplace and in their life.

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