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Founder and Team Leader,
Cards for Care Club

Melissa Suarez Galeana is a determined and ambitious young woman, with a passion for learning and a drive to succeed. She is confident in her abilities and is not afraid to take risks to reach her full potential. She aims to, through integration of her passion and skills in marketing, graphic design and communication, tackle the issues of climate change and mental health. 

Growing up, Melissa had to learn English as her second language. It was not always easy, as she often found herself struggling and having some challenges with communication and understanding. Nevertheless, she persevered and learned the fundamentals of grammar and vocabulary through her classroom work. She checked out books from the library and memorized all the unknown words. She also utilized online resources such as language learning apps and websites to supplement her studies. Eventually, she became fluent in less than a year. One of her most rewarding moments was giving the final speech at her fifth-grade graduation ceremony. She was not only required to write the essay from scratch, but also had to compete with the other students for the speaking spot. The thought of standing in front of a large audience and delivering a speech in a language that had once been difficult for her was daunting, but when she found out that she had been selected as the winner, she felt a sense of accomplishment. Melissa spent weeks preparing for the speech to be able to speak confidently and clearly. It was a proud moment for her when she finished her speech and received a round of applause from the audience as it was a testament to the hard work and dedication that she had put in. It is from this experience that Melissa learned she can achieve anything if she puts her mind to it.

Melissa has always been fascinated by the world of marketing and how it can be used as a tool to make a positive impact on society, such as through promoting ethical products or causes. She finds fascinating how companies can create effective campaigns that capture the attention of consumers and drive sales. As a high school student, Melissa has had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with marketing through her involvement in school clubs. One of her most significant projects is the "Cards for Care Club", where care cards are sent to patients without families to bring sparks into their lives and support their mental health and well-being. She is in charge of creating and designing posters and flyers to advertise the club, as well as managing the club's social media accounts to reach a wider audience. Another club Melissa forms part of is the “Fashion and Sustainability Club”. She has taken on the role of marketing chair. This has allowed her to put her skills to the test by creating campaigns to raise awareness about climate change and other environmental issues, for example, by hosting presentations about the impacts of fast fashion and micro-trends on the planet. Melissa has also motivated students to go thrift shopping and donate clothes because it promotes the idea of recycling and reusing items. While Melissa has always put academics first, she also devotes some time to her hobbies and interests. She enjoys playing tennis, cooking, dancing, and hiking. Like hiking, tennis offers a great way to stay active and improve fitness, while providing friendly competition. Through cooking, she explores her creative side in the kitchen and through dancing, she expresses herself creatively. Overall, Melissa is committed to pursuing her passions and interests while also taking time to enjoy the things that bring her joy.

Melissa has several objectives for her university education, career, and life. To prepare herself for a successful career, her primary objective is to enter University of Pennsylvania and obtain a well-rounded education. She is particularly interested in majoring in business, with a focus on marketing and communications, as it aligns with her passion for understanding consumer behavior and creating effective campaigns. In terms of career objectives, she hopes to obtain a marketing-related position in a company that she is passionate about and that aligns with her values. In her personal life, her objective is to live a balanced and fulfilling life. Melissa wants to continue to develop her hobbies and interests and to make meaningful contributions to her community. She also hopes to travel and experience different cultures, as well as to establish close relationships with family and friends.

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