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SMART Investment Institute

Susan Ho has mature critical thinking, problem solving and active listening skills. She excels in math and is enthusiastic to start her own project to educate students about the stock market. 

She has had to manage her own pocket money starting when she was 10 years old. Instead of earning coins by doing chores, she was eager to find a way that allows her to earn more while doing less hard work. With this interest, she was gradually exposed to the world of investment.

Susan's commitment to excellence is evident through her role as the secretary of the Unionville Youth Council, where she works with other members to plan and organize community events and activities such as 30-hour-famine and annual leadership conferences. Additionally, as vice president of the Math Club in her school, Susan leads and participates in various mathematical competitions and activities, including Canadian Mathematical Olympiad and Euclid Contest. Susan continually challenges herself through DECA competitions, which develop her business acumen. Susan's musical talents also makes her an active member of her school's orchestra. Notably, the band is invited to perform in a national contest after excelling in OBA. Outside of school, Susan's dedication to developing leadership and communication skills is evident through her work as a basketball instructor for the City of Markham, and her participation in various food bank activities demonstrates her commitment to giving back to her community.

Looking ahead, Susan's main objective in attending a great university is to further her knowledge and skills in the fields of finance and technology. She believes that attending a prestigious university will provide her with the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals on innovative projects. Susan recognizes that a great university will also provide her with an extensive network of professionals, giving her access to a wealth of resources and potential career opportunities. Beyond her university studies, Susan's ultimate career goal is to become an investment banker and eventually open her own hedge fund. She is committed to building a strong foundation of knowledge and her professional network through internships. Thus, she can gain the necessary experience and connections to succeed in the competitive field of finance.

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