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Youth Advocate,
Future of Business

Ruonan Zhao’s inquisitive and explorative personality is the root of her various ventures as a young leader and activist. With determination and ambition, Ruonan takes on leadership roles in her community to create positive impacts around and beyond her. 

Constantly moving to different cities, even countries as a child shaped Ruonan’s unique perspectives on society. Strongly motivated by the urge to expand her knowledge and express her insight, Ruonan was immediately captivated by the art of public speaking. From her first trembling speech at a local debate tournament, to witnessing her students step on stages at the national level as their coach, Ruonan had found identity and purpose through debate. Realizing that the power of words and voices can transform lives, Ruonan had indulged herself in the diplomatic conversations of Model UN. Serving on the secretariat team of conferences by the UN Association in Canada, Ruonan led powerful conversations on a variety of topics, inspiring others to raise their voices for advocacy. 

With the hopes of addressing important societal issues that are often overlooked, Ruonan co-founded Acimona Foundation, an Indigenous advocacy non-profit organization with the aims of providing authentic Indigenous perspectives through investigative journalism, photography, and art. Starting from a small group of students in Canada, to expanding globally to 4+ countries, Acimona shines light on the stories of many that otherwise do not have a voice. 

Determined to pursue a path in business management and social entrepreneurship in the future, Ruonan aspires to chart new directions in the ever-evolving society. Her deep passion for exploring perspectives around the world and understanding diverse concepts fuels her desire to further elevate her horizons and expand her knowledge through higher education.

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