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Future of Business,
Youth Advocate

Katie Tso is a student with interests in economics, psychology, reading and comedy shows. She is an animal lover, and she could be both a listener and team player.

In elementary years, Katie, along with her friends, would always volunteer to help with fundraising activities before Christmas because of her care for social inequalities. Together, the group would indefatigably approach strangers and enthusiastically persuade them to donate some coins to help out disadvantaged groups, such as orphanages and low-income families. Although sometimes her confidence was cracked-down by cold-eyed passersby, Katie persisted and did not give up in the process. She hoped to give warmth and love to the disadvantaged by doing so. The rewarding feelings of being able to raise funds is something Katie can never forget, and she wishes to bring this motivation into her later endeavors

Hoping to major in business in the future, at school Katie engages in several clubs that are related to economics and business. For example, she is the Treasurer of her school’s student council, and one of the founding members of the Economics club in which students are engaged in entrepreneurship projects. Outside of school, Katie also enjoys extracurriculars that relate to mental health and girl empowerment. For instance, she initiated a project named Stress 101 in which she and her teammates created a stress relief packet that includes a self-designed stress notebook, and distributed the packet in her school. With this project she hopes to elevate the mental well-being in her school by spreading positivity to the stressed-out students.

Aside from the projects and extracurricular activities, Katie is a music and dessert lover who enjoys playing piano/guitar and baking during her free time. She likes to try out new things – different styles of music, or different recipes for cakes – and enjoys the sense of accomplishment when she discovers new stuff.

In the future, Katie will like to attend top business schools and enroll in business/econ related majors to pursue her interest in these fields. After graduation, she hopes to find internship opportunities outside of her university to gain some real world experience that could be useful for her future endeavors. 

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