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Youth Advocate,
Future of Humanity

A high school junior in St.Georges International School in Switzerland, Ekaterina Pavlova is by nature hard-working and driven by goal-setting, self-improvement, and expanding her knowledge. An accomplished student passionate about human rights, she is looking forward to making a positive mark on humanity.

Ekaterina has become who she is today through both the privileges and challenges of her childhood. Coming from a family of lawyers, Ekaterina has always had positive role models in showing her the value of hard work and giving her an innate sense of justice and of right-and-wrong. Frequently changing schools in Moscow from the period from 2019 to 2022 and now studying abroad, Ekaterina has become an adaptable and brave young woman unafraid to challenge boundaries but also always seeking common ground with different kinds of people. Her childhood was filled with a variety of adventures throughout the world which developed her love for the diversity and richness of people everywhere. Living in so many different societies, Ekaterina gained an appreciation for different cultures and political systems, which also encouraged her to pursue these subjects academically.

On the other hand, Ekaterina has also been the victim of physical and emotional abuse by adults who should have known better. While the situation was obviously difficult for her, Ekaterina’s natural drive has led her to take up the issue of human rights and children’s rights in particular. After all, children are the most vulnerable members of society, and Ekaterina wants to do her part to ensure no child has to experience what she went through. As such, she is in the process of creating an  organization to help children find resources and moral support to create an environment safe from victimization (such as domestic abuse, bullying and so on). As such, her platform will involve peer-to-peer mentoring and listening as well as practical advice and resources for kids in difficult and abusive situations.

With her passion for human rights, Ekaterina plans to major in jurisprudence or international relations and build a career with a human rights organization. While she has experienced some hardships, Ekaterina also values the advantages she has been given in life and feels called to do this service. 

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