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Youth Delegate,

Michelle Supnet is a diplomatic and confident learner with passions for the environment and creative outlets who believes that open compromise and the importance of self-expression is critical to making the world a better place. She aims to advance an intersectional approach of wildlife conservation, socio-economic equality and international co-operation to impact the world for the better. 

Growing up, she recalls going to South Africa at the age of 10 and learning about the different animals and environment there. She was  made aware how ecosystems around the world differ and how that means different living circumstances for the people. For the next few years, it became increasingly meaningful to her because these ecosystems are easily destroyed and the first step to preventing this from happening is educating others on them. 

Studying high school in England, her favorite subjects are economics, English and Chinese. In terms of extracurriculars, she is a member of Combined Cadet Force, where is developing both leadership and practical skills). She also is part of the Cross-Cultural Leadership Program, a platform for students to discuss current affairs, debate and evolve their opinions. Furthermore, she is passionate about the work she carries out with the Kivuli Charity, which organizes fundraising to support differently abled people at a hostel in Kenya to live and learn. In her personal time, Michelle likes to go with friends and family to waterfalls, hiking, water sports, skiing and other outdoor activities. 

For Michelle, she is particularly passionate about the issue of illegal poaching, which is happening throughout South Africa and many parts of the globe, and is one issue without many discovered solutions. Mainly fueled by a desperate need of money, and asymmetric information, poaching has become one of, if not the biggest threat to endangered species. However with tightening around the rules in need to preserve these animals, and a reallocation of (mis)information spread, the issue may still have hope.

Looking ahead, whichever path Michelle takes, she will be anchored by her commitment and passion to leave a positive impact on younger generations who aren’t born with the opportunities others are born with.

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